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Whether you're struggling with a Theory of Change or looking to choose an appropriate sample size for an evaluation or trying to understand how to "word" that grant application, we can help you. Sign up for a free course to try Impact Mojo. If you've got a question, we have the training for you.

Learn from Experts

ImpactMojo offers you the opportunity to learn how to do development better. We offer:

1. Online Courses featuring videos, over 40 hours of instructional material, high-quality and specially curated eading material, access to a closed community of co-learners, quick-referesher apps for all concepts you can carry on your phones and plenty of follow-up.

2. We cover topics as basic as sampling, logic frameworks and indicators to cutting-edge topics such as using artificial intelligence for human progress.

3. Our courses are offered in a variety of blended formats, are self-paced and offer easy payment plans. All courses have certificates.

4. Over 60% of all our teaching and learning material is free.


Training that matters

Control your valuable time

We don't want to be in your life "forever", our aim is to help you NOT need us.

Impact Mojo allows you to blend the best of real-word experience and collaboration and a solid understanding of " the why" behind international development. We believe in right-sizing, we can show you how to save costs, time and maximize impact opportunities.


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