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Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations working in the international development space to adopt a standard of practices to create truly impactful and cost-effective social development interventions. Our methods can help you measure and scale effectively.

Our Mission


Our Values

About Us

Pinpoint Ventures is a research firm specializing in the design, strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation of international development interventions.

We focus on extending high-quality advisory, capacity building and support to development sector organisations focusing on research and evidence. We believe that good research is about evaluating the quality of every kind of evidence.

Committed to REAL Impact

We help development organisations create broad-based and effective programmes. We help measure effect and impact and we help you benchmark your costs. We do this because we care about making development truly effective.

Embrace Complexity

At the center of what we do is "digging deep",  we love asking questions and believe that while simple answers are often desirable they are also often wrong. We believe in embracing complexity and that learning can only happen outside a comfort zone.

Seek Truth

We know that the vast majority of development programmes lack rigor and impact. we want to help change that, we think there is real potential to do better and to do development well. We are committed to seeking the truth in development work.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe that true success in development, like with any complex system, can only come from collaboration. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in development and we care deeply about right-sizing for impact and cost-effectiveness. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing is the way we do things. .

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