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Exploratory and Formative Research

Needs Assessments

Reason To Believe (RTB) Studies

Root Cause Analysis

Baseline Level Measurement

Secondary Data Synthesis/AnalysisLandscaping Studies

UI tests and Messaging (CLT/Natural) Tests

Information Mapping for Synthesis Reports

Our Work

At Pinpoint Ventures, we conduct rigorous research and evidence based analysis to help humanitarian organizations in designing sustainable and impactful development programmes. In addition, we also provide training on effective research methods, evaluation and assessment both at the strategic and implementation levels.

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Services We Offer

Evaluation Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Studies

Quasi-Experimental and Experimental Studies

Rapid/Full-Fledged Ethnographic Assessments

Action/Participatory Research Assessments

Mixed Method Studies

Multi-Year Longitudinal Panels

Omnibus Studies

Research Project Management

RFP/RFQ Processes and Vendor Ranking

Vendor Empanelment

Budget Management

Project Management

IRB Approvals

Research Standards

Research Captaining Services

Data Quality Management

Surveyor Training and Manuals

Quality Assurance Processes in Data Collection

Research Design

Power Calculations and Effect Sizes

Information Areas, Research Questions

Theories of Change and Log-Frames

Research Methodology

Indicator Tracking Tables

Focus Group Discussion Guides

Quantitative Questionnaires

Semi-Structured Interview Guides

Participatory Instruments

Organisational Capacity Building

Setting up M&E

Organizational MEL Frameworks/Standards

In-House Knowledge Management Systems

Innovation Strategies (MEL)

Data Collection for Monitoring

In-House Training for MEL Personnel

Statistical and Qualitative Analysis

Analysis and Pre-Analysis Plans

Univariate, Bi-Variate Analysis

Multivariate Analysis

Complex Analysis

Qualitative Analysis


Grounded Theory

Semiotic and Linguistic Analysis

Formative Testing

User Testing

Behavioral Messaging

Usage and Engagement

Training Via Academy

Learn MEL Fundamentals

The Politics of Development and Aid

Theory of Change

Developing a Logframe

How to think in Indicators

What is Impact

The Nuts and Bolts of Measurement

MEL Terms Demystified

Customized Workshops

Data Services

Data Transformation and Cleaning

Data Sets and Code-books

Concordance Schedules and Crosswalks

Areas of Expertise

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We found (her) research meticulous and conscientious. (She) is able to translate complex data into actionable reports, whose programmatic outcomes are far-reaching.

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(She) leads a team of researchers to service key clients including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CARE India, UNICEF and several others, all of whom have put on record their appreciation of her work. (The division) has benefited from (her) creative and problem-solving skills; (she) has a disciplined and often tireless work-ethic with the willingness to do whatever it takes to create a product that will translate the clients’ vision into a reality.

Quote Open 2
Quote Open 2

(Her) technical knowledge encompasses a range of complex statistical procedures (spanning uni-variate and multivariate techniques) and in-depth qualitative work including ethnographies and visual anthropological narratives. (Her) mastery over such a wide gamut of technical know-how allows her to uniquely blend methods, with a great degree of ease, to produce outstandingly robust, wholesome and innovative mixed methods research all with appropriate theoretical frameworks.


Summaries and Overviews

Thematic Briefs and Policy Documents

Full Reports and Appendices


Systemic Reviews/Meta-Analyses & Syntheses

Case Studies and Annotated Bibliographies

Literature Reviews/Insight Notes

Compendiums, Data Dictionaries



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